Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Roberts Hearings

One of my many problems in my area of pracitce, are people who think that they are geniuses, even when they are not. Watching the Senate confirmation hearings just reinforces that truism. Sen. Kennedy has tried a few good set ups, but seems flustered when Roberts avoids his clever traps.
I think that Roberts is a damned good lawyer, and will make a good SC Chief Justice. I suppose that the Kennedys, Durbins, Schumers and Leahys will play to their base, and everyone will call themselves a winner.
Ain't politics grand?


Matt Singer said...

Schumer is making noises about voting to confirm now. I can honestly say that I have no idea what kind of Justice Roberts will be, other than an intelligent one. I do think that is grounds for voting against confirmation, but that's just me.

Rocky Smith said...

Intelligence is grounds for voting against him? I must have misunderstood Matt's point.