Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Mary Mapes and bloggers

Mary Mapes, the producer for Dan Rather who did the segment on the Bush National Guard papers is eviscerated here. The funny thing is that she still doesn't get it. That bloggers are very rarely reporters, but they are excellent editors. Now, if only Mapes could get one good editor, she wouldn't have had the problem that she does regarding partisan behavior masquarading as "journalism."
Update Here it seems that Dan Rather still believes that the story is true. That it was only partisan bloggers who somehow managed to change the story to him. Talk about ego. Let's see. 1. I am Dan Rather, I am always right, 2. If you disagree with me you are wrong. 3. If you get away with it, then it is just partisanship. I am not partisan, see premise number 1.
It must be lovely in Dan's reality.

Another Update in which Dan Rather wants to continue to investigate the National Guard papers, but CBS won't let him. What is the term for watching someone slowly self destruct, yet wroking happily at their own demise? I forget.

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