Monday, February 28, 2011

The End of Sarah Palin Month

What began as part of a grassroots response to the State Controlled Media's announcement that they were no longer going to cover Palin is now coming to an end. This will be the 50th post that I have made this month, (I am writing this on Saturday) and while not all of them are about Palin, this is the most amount of posting that I have ever done, and the traffic statistics point out that it does draw eyes. It's not that Sarah needs or for all I know even wants my support, but I am highly pissed off at the idea that those who are supposed to provide me with information decide to arbitrarily cut off all such information.
I may have made only a blip on the blogosphere, but add us all together and we carry weight. If we can shed some light on the ignorance peddled by the Left and their media, we will have accomplished quite a bit. So Sarah, here's to you. Without all of the hatred, you would probably never have achieved what you have.

Now, what should I do for the next month? I have thought about correcting Rob Kaily/Wolfboy, but there is not enough time in the day. Then I thought about correcting the rest of the Leftosphere, but again, what is the point? They are irrelevant even while being noisy. I will have to think about some new subject. Any suggestions?


Auntie Lib said...

Thanks for picking up the mantle, Steve. I knew my Feb was going to be too crazy for me to do my part.

Steve said...

Auntie, you have nothing to apologize for, except that I wish you would have some more out there, because I enjoy your work.

Auntie Lib said...

I wrote one of the most serious pieces I've ever done yesterday - feel free to chime in with your thoughts - I'd love your take.