Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Maybe this is the problem

If you had to listen to someone, would you rather they looked like this:

or this:

From a purely aesthetic point of view, I would rather shove knitting needles into my ears than listen to Pelosi or Wasserman Schulz. And don't let anyone tell you that Palin or Bachmann are not up to the task intellectually, especially after the Democrats selected Joe Biden, and Obama has done nothing to live up to his supposed brilliance.

Update: For Mike H.

As opposed to this:


MikeH said...

Two days down, 26 to go.
And no matter what anyone says, the Grand Old Party came alive in the last presidential race when the GOP candidate announced his female running mate.
And Steve, while making pictorial comparisons between the right and left, don't forget Megyn Kelly of Fox News - she is one smart blonde lawyer - to represent the right. A picture of her and Palin together would be nice!

Steve said...

There you go Mike, and I contrasted it with another female anchor from CNN.

MikeH said...

I love it!