Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Interesting Facts about Sarah Palin 31-40


# A legislative panel launched a $100,000 investigation into “Trooper-gate” to determine if Palin abused her power by trying to fire her former brother-in-law who was a state trooper.h
# In Going Rouge, Palin talks about her two miscarriages, her Creationist beliefs, her wedding dinner at Wendy’s, and the letter she wrote her children about their brother Trig from the point of view of God.m
# Palin’s daughter Bristol (1990) is named after the ocean bay where the Palin family likes to fish. Willow (1994) was named after the willow ptarmigan, Alaska’s state bird. Piper Indy (2001) was named after the Piper cub that Todd flies and the Polaris Indy Snowmobile Todd drove on his first Iron Dog Race.f
# The Anchorage Daily News has called Palin “the Joan of Arc of Alaska Politics.”j
# Palin says her favorite author is C.S. Lewis.g
# Palin opposes same-sex marriage, embryonic stem cell research, and abortion, even in the case of rape or incest—though she opposes sanctions against women who obtain an abortion.m

Todd once told his high school friends that Palin did not know how to kiss
# In Going Rouge, Palin reveals that Todd told his locker room friends that Sarah didn’t know how to kiss.m
# In August 2008, Palin tried to sue the U.S. Department of the Interior in an attempt to remove polar bears as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act because it would hinder Alaska’s gas industry and drilling development.a
# Though Palin often said during her campaign speeches that she had said “Thanks, but no thanks” to the “Bridge to Nowhere” in Ketchikan, Alaska, she actually initially supported the bridge. It was only when the idea to build the bridge became unpopular that she reversed her position.d
# Though Palin claimed she sold the former governor of Alaska’s (Frank Murkowski) jet on eBay, and McCain even said she made a profit, it was actually sold offline to a Palin contributor at a $600,000 loss.d

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