Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Problem With Government Unions

I have not seen it addressed, and no one seems to want to talk about the inherent conflict of interest for the government (especially Democrats) and unions when it comes to bargaining. As the above cartoon shows, there is a collusion between what should be separate and equal competitors bargaining over resources.
The government does not actually represent the taxpayer interests when it negotiates with unions. As an example, in the 2008 campaign, unions contributed $400 million to Democrats and were in the top five of the top ten contributors and the top ten of the top twenty contributors. The majority of the money seeming to come from the government unions. If the government was an independent entity, it would try to maximize work while minimizing costs. But the government is nothing more than a cash cow to be milked for the advancement of Democrat Party, it will help to funnel massive amounts of money to sustain the attack on the taxpayer. And the amount of money the unions are able to churn out shows how effective the relationship is.
I wonder if there isn't a lawsuit out there?

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