Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Winter of Our Discontent

It's the 22nd of February people! Spring is less than four weeks away, and I am sick and tired of looking at dirty crappy granular snow with high winds and low temps. Not only that, I am becoming very discontented with our legislators in Helena as well, and apparently, I am not alone in that regard.
I will give them credit for trying to be fiscally responsible, mostly because the final push on the spending bills hasn't happened yet. But what part of being "conservative" or "limited government" explains what the hell has been going on at the Montana State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, East Campus?
Repeal medical marijuana? Is it that critical? Are people suddenly growing third eyes in the middle of their foreheads? Or is it just that some may not really need medical marijuana and are skating by and getting high without a legitimate reason? And if so, why the hell does it matter to you?
My biggest problem with the Left is that they want to amass power to the government in order to tell us what to do. Please explain why that is different than what our "leaders" are doing right now? I mean let's face it, if I wanted to have someone telling me what to do, I would have voted for the Democrat. But I don't!
Here is another little secret: If you don't waste time with these stupid bills, or the repeal of term limits, you could conceivably get done early. That would be a good thing.
Last year, Roger Koopman sent out letters deciding who the real "conservatives" were that were running for office. I can tell you right now, if you aren't in favor of limited government (yes, even if someone has some fun that you don't approve of)and vote accordingly, then in 2012 I will find someone who will. Even if I have to do it. I am no longer going to put up with Democrats trying to tell me what to do because they have an R behind their name. Time to buck up folks. We don't need 75% of what you are working on. So ask yourself the question: "Why are we working on this?"

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Auntie Lib said...

Ok - I agree some of the bills are wacky, some are outrageous, and some are patently ridiculous, but EVERY SINGLE ONE of them was requested by one or more citizens of this state and, by damn, they have as much right to be a part of the process as anybody else's bills. This is what is meant by "sausage-making" and it is an inherent part of the process in a representative democracy.

Just because you wouldn't request or sponsor a dumb bill doesn't mean that those who are willing to do so should be summarily castigated.

Sorry - didn't mean to sound so cranky, but I've been subjected to an overdose of "sh*t" from the Dems in the office about the myriad of idiocy on the hill - like this session is somehow unique. the only real difference I can see is that technology gives us a bigger window to see/hear more of what's going on and the liberal media is having a grand time focusing on the stupid stuff. There's actually quite a bit of good, legitimate debate on serious business going on in the hallowed halls.

But you should definitely run next time.