Thursday, February 10, 2011

Interesting Facts about Sarah Palin 41-50


# Palin’s widely criticized interview with Katie Couric on CBS News caused her poll numbers to decline and prompted several high-ranking Republicans to request her resignation from the campaign ticket. For example, conservative writer Kathleen Parker asked Palin to step aside to save “McCain, her party, and the country she loves.”a
# When ABC News' Charles Gibson asked Palin if she had ever met a foreign head of state, Palin said no and argued that many vice presidents before her hadn’t met a head of state before taking office. However, every vice president over the past 30 years actually had met foreign heads of state before taking office. Spiro Agnew was the last VP who had no contact with foreign heads of state before becoming vice president.d
# Palin worked briefly as a sportscaster intern in Anchorage from March until May in 1988.d
# Palin’s book Going Rogue is 432 pages long and retails at $28.99 with a huge (1.5 million) first printing. The two primary Palin antagonists, McCain campaign senior strategists Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace, have made it clear that the accounts of their actions in Palin’s book are fiction.l

d grade
Palin’s initial campaign fear was that the press would expose a "D" she once received in a college course
# When Palin was first selected to be McCain’s running mate, she thought the biggest secret would be that she once got a D in college.t
# Palin said she resigned as Alaska’s governor 18 months before her term would end because she knew she wasn’t going to run for a second term and that she would be going to work each day just to defend herself.q
# Levi Johnson, Palin’s almost son-in-law and recent Playboy model, is suing for joint custody of his son because the Palin family is allegedly making it difficult for him to see him.n
# After becoming Wasilla’s mayor in 1996, Palin asked for resignation letters from city heads who had been loyal to the former Mayor Stein. She also told department heads that they needed her permission to talk to reporters. The resulting animosity led to talk of a recall vote, which never materialized.h
# Bill McAllister, who works for Palin’s press staff, calls Palin’s uncanny gift of knowing what voters are looking for at a particular moment of of “Sara-dipity.”u
# Though McCain’s aides had said during the 2008 presidential campaign that Palin had traveled to Ireland, Germany, Kuwait, and an Iraq battle zone in 2007, they later admitted that Palin merely stopped in Ireland to “refuel” and did not venture beyond a military outpost on the other side of the Kuwait-Iraq border (the Khabari Alawazem Crossing, or K-Crossing).d

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