Monday, February 28, 2011

Way to Go Auntie!

AuntieLib at 2 Helena Handbasket has an in depth analysis of the Good Guv, and what he is doing. Between Schweitzer and Racicot, I am amazed at the snake oil salesmen, er I mean politicians that we elect to the highest office in the state. Their ability to sell us smoke and tell us it's cause we're "hot" is how they get elected and stay in the limelight.
But Auntie does a great job at the whole analysis and in the end leaves off with wondering about BS's political future. I had speculated before that Tester having so little cash on hand for a reelection run meant that he would probably not do so. But then he goes and surprises me by refiling. Except that I have heard a rumor from people not too far from his campaign that he is telling his people to start sending out their resumes because he doesn't think that he'll win. So, what if Tester drops out of the race, and Schweitzer drops in? Sufficient name recognition and probably the most popular Democrat state wide right now.
Auntie's analysis will probably be the biggest impediment to BS going to the Senate, but I am sure that he still has dreams of ever higher glory.

Great job Auntie!

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Auntie Lib said...

[Blushes] Thank you, kind sir. From where we sit, it's hard to believe that the gov can possibly be as popular as he seems to be. It's truly a head slammer.

I hadn't heard the rumor about Tester bowing out and BS slipping in to the slot. Your scenario is dang scary. But if you take it to it's logical conclusion --- I'm signing up to watch the major wreck in the Capitol Rotunda when Chuck Schumer and Brian Schweitzer kill each other trying to reach the cameras first.